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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sorry So Busy!

I haven't been posting much lately, but with NaNoWriMo going on, it's been pretty busy just keeping up with that. The others here in the blogger world that are doing NaNo as well can probably understand. I'm not saying that I won't be posting at all, but I probably won't be posting as much as I was last month. In December I'll be a little more free to post, so I will be poisting more then.

Farewell for now,

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  1. I hope you are enjoying nanowrimo

  2. Hi Nahla! I just set up a quotes quiz on my blog, if you'd care to do it. Well, put it this, I'd like you to do it, you can if you want :)

  3. Great! I love those!! I'll go there now...

  4. I awarded you by the way
    its on my blog :D

    have fun writing! keep it up!

  5. Thank you so much, Lady Milisande Awnia Grim!!


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