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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Discussions Abound

I'm soooo sorry I haven't done this for a while, but NaNoWriMo is keeping me as busy as ever. Alright, looks like this one is about our opinions on certain movies. Eldarwen has already done her post over on her blog (click her name to see it or if you have any questions). And here I go....

(Sorry the picture is so small.) The first out of the two movies I will talk about is Nim's Island. It is harmless, and I really enjoyed watching it. I will try to tell you about it, and I hope it doesn't turn out too long. :)
Nim is a girl (I think she's 11, and Nim is a nickname of mine, just to let ya know) that traveled around the world several times with her dad, Jack (she calls him by his first name, and in a second I'll explain why). Her mother died when she was very little, and her dad told her that her mother was an explorer and that once, while she was looking into the mouth of a large whale, a pirate ship called the Buccaneer scared the whale and.... I think you can guess what happened to her. Anyways, the two find a large, undiscovered island, which became their new home. By the way, just in case you haven't seen it before, I'm not telling you all that happens in the movie, so really there's more going on than I'm telling you about. Okay, back to the story- Her dad goes missing when he gets lost in the ocean on a little boat. She's scared when he doesn't come back on time, and her fears increase when she spots a mysterious ship coming closer to the island.... Well, that's all I'm going to tell you. You'll have to watch the movie to see what happens. By the way, Gerard Butler, who plays the phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, also plays two characters in this movie, and Abigale Breslin and Jody Foster are in it. And now...
The other movie I want to tell you all about is Penelope. Okay, here's the short version-
Penelope's great-great-great grandfather gets 'cursed' in a way that the next girl in the family was to be born with a face of a pig. Yes, I know, I also thought that the movie sounded really weird, but when I watched it I really liked it! Honestly! Okay, and here's how the story happened-
Penelope was born with the face of a pig (no kidding!). Before, the family had only had sons, who had all sons, etc. In the picture above that's how she really looks, except her nose is... you looks like a pig's. She really doesn't look that bad. So, the 'curse' could only be broken if Penelope married a blue-blood like her. Boy, I just looked at the time and I've got to really hurry now! Long story really short (I'm leaving out a lot of the extra stuff that's probably important), she has to get married to some guy that's a blue-blood when she really wants to marry another guy. You'll just have to see the movie, because I can't really explain it all or it would take a lot longer, and I don't have the time. G'day y'all!

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  1. Great post! I've seen both movies. I loved Nim's Island, but Penelope wasn't very funny to me. Just my opinion. :) I'll add your post to mine, too. <3

  2. I want to see penelope!

    I awarded you :P!
    I hope you are Highly Amused.


    Miss. M


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