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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My 50th Post Celebration!

I have an update! My prize will be a completely personalized award with whatever theme you want! It can be from any movie, or just whatever! :) I know some of you are doing your 200th post, but for me number 50 is a reason to celebrate! This one will be a little different, though. Since everyone has different wants for their blogs and such, I'm going to let you choose what you want me to do, unless it's something super-complicated like a complete blog make-over, unless you want the really basic type. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that this was my fiftieth until I saw on my dashboard '49 posts' so I'm really not that prepared. So just in case you can't come up with anything, I'll give you a few choices if I can come up with something if you comment. :) I'll let you know now, though, that my 100th post will be much more worth-while! Now, if you comment, that counts as one time that I'll enter you, and if you do a post, I'll enter you a second time, and if you put my button on your blog, I'll enter you twice. So, the total would come to four times! Have fun!

Farewell for now,

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  1. Wow hard choice!
    Cool that you got a 50th Post!!!!
    Mabye you could make a LOTR 50th post award?
    I dont have many ideas though....

    Sincerely in Christ

  2. I'd L-O-V-E to enter... for whatever you're doing. *grins* Definitely count me in!

    Much love & hugs,

  3. Oh, I just had a great idea! How about if I make a personalized award with whatever theme you want! Does that sound good? Here, I'll change my post...

  4. Hey Nahla-
    I'd be willing to donate a custom, complete (complicated ;-)) blog makeover for your contest if you want it!

  5. Olive Tree~ I'd LOVE that so much!
    Jillian~ Great!


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