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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Awarded Again! Yipee!

Wow, this has certainly been the month for awards! I have been awarded twice! Thanks so much, friends! And here they are-
(I love this one!)
Such a pretty picture. I love this one too. :)
I'm kind of in a hurry (again) so this will be a rather short post. Here is a poem for the Collins Award that Lady Milisande's sister wrote-

Before Lizzy could get away,
Mr Collins came forth to say,
You can hardly doubt my intent,
after all the time we have spent.
My attentions have been too marked,
That they can hardly be misread.
Right as I cam into this house,
I meant to take you as my spouse,
I'll state my reasons to marry.
It would add to my happiness,
and set a model of marriage,
in my home and in my parish.
For it is the right thing for me,
and also now dear cousin see.
That is the recommendation,
from my most lovely patroness.
She said to me to take a wife,
as the companion of my life.
She said to me the girl I pick,
should be gentle and kind,
which is why I have you in mind.

I need to go right now, so I award these to any one of my followers who hasn't had one or either of these awards and wants to be awarded!

Farewell for now,
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  1. Cool, I really like the Mr Collins one!

  2. Go to where you edit the layout of your blog. There will be a big box approximately in the center, and it will say "posts" or something similar in the top left corner. There is an edit button in the bottom right corner. Click on that, and you can edit all of the stuff that shows up under your blog posts.

    HTH! If you a have any more questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to help.

  3. Thank you so much! You really helped!

  4. When I made a background, I made a 1000 px square image, then uploaded it to photobucket. To put it as a background, I just replaced the URL in the background I already had with the one from my new background. I'll try to figure out how to post the code somewhere later if you need it.

  5. Oh, and Nahla - I've tagged you on my blog Summer Girl!

  6. Whoa, it looks like I need a lot of catching up to do! Thank you, girls!


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