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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quotes Quiz #3!

Alrighty, here are the next set of questions. I'll re-post the rules for those who haven't participated before.
And by the way, Hayley, Ashley, Vellvin and Rae B, you guys still need to specify your button customizations so I can make them. :)
Also, this Sunday (Halloween) I will announce the winner of the month (more on that HERE)!


  1. You may ask a family member or call a friend to help you on a quote quiz, but no looking it up on the internet!
  2. If this is your first time participating, I'd like it if you followed me (if you don't already). Doing so will give you two extra points, whereas posting about it will give you three points, and putting my blog button and/or the QQ button or your winner button (if you win) on your blog will also give you three points!
  3. If you want to have your name put on the list of people who will participate in future QQ's, please comment and ask for me to, and I will.
  4. If you guess both the person(s) who said it and the movie it's from, you get 2 points, but if you only correctly guess one of the two, you get 1 point.
  5. The person with the most points (got the most questions right, unless a first-timer) wins!
  6. Have fun!

(By the way, one quote here is from a book. If you can guess which one it is, even if you don't guess who said it or where it's from, you get three extra points!)

#1. "Hmm. Toothless. I could've sworn you had...teeth."

#2. "Keep it secret. Keep it safe."

#3. C 1-"Now, are there any questions?"
C 2-"Yeah, I got one. How come you're wearing a dress?"
C 1-"This is not a dress, this is a tunic. It was the height of fashion three thousand years ago, I assure you."

#4. C 1-"This disguise would fool my own mother!"
C 2-"Yeah, but your mom ain't here."

#5. C 1-"Patience is a virtue!"
C 2-"Not right now it isn't!"

#6. C 1-"Are you glad to hear it?"
C 2-" hear it."

#7. "Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood."

#8. "Guns. Lots of guns."

#9. C 1-"We're not making the same mistakes again."
C 2-"No, you're making all new ones."

#10. "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside."

#11. "We're superheros! What can happen?"

#12. "Blind spot? Yes. Deaf spot? Not so much."

Farewell for now,

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  1. oops, sorry... could you make a button with something from How To Train Your Dragon?


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