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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

QQ Winners!

And now, I will announce this week(s)'s QQ winners!

First place~ Hayley! Whew, second time in a row! Keep it up and you might win this month's prize!

Second place~ Ashley! Great for you!!!!

Third place~ Vellvin! YAY!!!!

And, since there was only one other person that entered, Rae B get fourth place, along with the customized button options! Congrats to you all! And don't forget, if you post your winning button on your blog, that's three points for next week's quiz! You all did a great job. :)

Updated~ Sorry I didn't post the answers, but I was in a BIG rush. Anyway, here they are...

#1. "Like if we get caught and killed?"
"Yeah, that would be a big problem."
~Riley Poole and Ben Gates from National treasure
~Contestants that got it right- Hayley

#2. "You are still Mr. Incredible; you can still do great things! Or, you can listen to police scanners. It's your choice."
~Mirage from The Incredibles
~Contestants that got it right- Rae B, Ashley, Vellvin, Hayley

#3. "Oh, I think I've broken something!" *Picks up a snapped carrot*
~Merry from The Fellowship of the Ring
~Contestants that got it right- Ashley, Vellvin, Hayley

#4. "I got a jar of dirt!"
~C. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest
~Contestants that got it right- Rae B, Ashley, Vellvin, Hayley

#5. "Why is everybody staring at you?"
"Not me. You."
~Gabriella and Taylor from High School Musical
~Contestants that got it right- Rae B

#6. "This rock will be a tree?"
~Dot from A Bug's Life
~Contestants that got it right-

#7. "Do. Not. Cross. This. Line. With your hand."
~Kamunrah from Night at the Museum 2
~Contestants that got it right- Vellvin, Hayley

#8. "I'm just crackers about cheese!"
~Wallace from Wallace and Gromit- The Curse of the Were-rabbit
~Contestants that got it right- Ashley

#9. "Thou shalt do the dance."
~God from Evan Almighty
~Contestants that got it right-

#10. "Why does it smell like wet dog in here?"
~Carl from Van Helsing
~Contestants that got it right-

#11. "Liiiiiight-buuuulb."
~Gru from Despicable Me
~Contestants that got it right-

Tally for former and current contestants~ Hayley- 24 Ashley- 21 Vellvin- 7 Rae B- 6 EchoOfMercy- 3
You guys all did great! I hope it was fun. :)

Farewell for now,


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