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Monday, August 16, 2010


Updated- I've forgotten how to change my blog settings to match with my new blog background. If anyone knows, it would be helpful!
Updated again- Never mind; I've figured it out!

I was awarded! Thank you, Saxon! It's the Beyond Your Imagination award.

1. List 8 stories or books that you would like to live in (for two weeks)

The Inheritance Cycle
The Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The City of Ember (with plenty of electricity)
The past (from The Book of Time)
Bridge to Terabithia

2. List 8 other bloggers who deserve this award
This is for anyone who hasn't gotten this award yet.
3. Comment on their blog and tell them they won an award

(I don't know who hasn't gotten one yet, so I don't know which blogs to comment on. :/

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