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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Own Tag!

Since there's been a lot of tags going around, I thought I'd put in one I made! So, without further it is!

Trivia Tag

Describe the cover of your favorite book without looking at it. with a picture of a castle on a hill with a lizard coming out of it and gold pieces scattered everywhere. (Inkheart)

Describe the cover of your favorite movie without looking.

A girl sitting on a swing wearing a scarf over her face. (Penelope)

Name the main character's full name in your favorite book.

Meggie Folchart.

Name the weather at your home (or wherever you are).

Wet and rainy. *sigh*

Are you writing a book?


What is your character's name?


What race is your character?

An elf.

Name three things near you that are green.

A plant, the couch I'm on, and some thread on the coffee-table.

Last question: What is your favorite thing to do?

Both reading and writing. I love them!

Okay, THIS is the last question: Did you like answering the questions above?


Now I tag......



and ***Emily***!

Hope you like doing it!

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