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Monday, July 27, 2009


Remember that post about the poem called "A Day on Da Slope"? Well, as it turns out, that was only half the poem, and Hannah gave me the rest. So, if you want to finish the exiting story, here it is...

A few minutes more, I look around,
Sven is gone, he can't be found.
I ski on down, he's not een sight,
I veel so bad about our fight.
Suddenly, anoda svoosh,
I'm sprayed veeth sloppy, snovy moosh.
I look around, and straight below,
A snowboarder, down he goes!
As my teeth clench, and my face turns red,
I veesh so bad to heet 'is head.
He slides so fast, then heets a tree,
He lies there pitiful to see.
My meanest thoughts I throw aside,
I ski down, svallowing my pride.
I think that he veell be okay,
No more snowboarding for today.
I qvick ski down ta tell da folks,
Dees fella's leg, it ain't no joke.
They load 'im up und take him down,
Und then remembering, I frown.
Cousin Sven steell can't be found.
I glide down to da Outpost,
Und vhat do you tink I see?
Sven! Und he sitting, sipping 'is coffee!

Vell, dat's da end of da poem! I sertainly 'ope ya liked it!


  1. That one always makes me smile!

  2. I Love the new background! and the poem was so funny!


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