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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Attemt at Writing...

Well, I'm not a really famous writer, but I do like to write, mostly of fairytale characters. So, even though you probably aren't interested, here is my attempt at writing...

It was getting dark when Laughterfire arrived. Fairies were twinkling all around him, hoping for a fire with which to warm themselves on that cool, windless night. Laughterfire was a fire-eater, one who could summon fire with his voice alone, make it dance, for in his world, fire was not only a dangerous light, it was alive. Laughterfire got off his unicorn, Utopia, and walked over to the pond right next to the forest. Sierra was supposed to be here. Laughterfire was teaching her how to play with fire, even though her mother, Ronana, was scared of it. The only way she let Sierra go was if she carried her sword with her, in case any wolves happened to attack her. Laughterfire was waiting as patiently he could, waiting in the cold for Sierra. Finally, when Laughterfire thought he couldn't wait a moment longer, she arrived, quickly got off her horse, and ran over to Utopia, giving him an apple. Then she quickly ran over to Laughterfire, apologizing for her being late. "Well, then shall we begin?" Laughterfire then made the fire he had lit earlier begin to dance for him...

Well, there you have it. Sorry it was long, but sometimes my hand won't stop writing once it's begun. I hope you liked it!


  1. Very nice Nim! I like it with the exception of one seems like your try to copy the Inkheart triology a little too much. I still like it though,


  2. Nim, you should change the color of your font, it's kinda hard to read.

  3. Thank you for the advice, Megan! I tried to change my font, but the computer wouldn't let me.

  4. To bad it would not let you change the font color. But I like the way it is too.:D
    And Nim don't forget, it is my story too.
    But sense I am working on another story, this one can be your's for now:D



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